Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Shout Out to a Friend! Stitching a Rainbow.

I am taking a break from my studies to post this (before I go mad). I thought it was about time that I did a shout out post dedicated to one of my many talented friends. Aren't I lucky?I mention the lovely Lisa quite a lot and her beautiful yarns and crochet hooks. This time it's Magdalena's turn. I've known her for about 5 years now and there is nothing this lady can't do in the land of crafts. Doesn't matter if she is trying something for the first time.

Last year she started up her own crafting business called Stitching a Rainbow which is apt for all the lovely colours she uses. She started off with baby quilts which she still does and takes commissions for. Recently she has been taking part in craft fairs and has been expanding her market. I do recommend going to see her beautiful quilts though. She has a facebook page and a blog.

The most recent addition is her stitched notebook covers. As soon as I saw these I had to have one. I love Babushka dolls and so there was really no chance at all that I wouldn't be purchasing one. I absolutely love it. I even love the way it was packaged and it's only today that I have opened it up. I just have to decide what I am going to use it for.

On the night I purchased my notebook she also brought these along. I love both but the bird one with the rainbow edging is particularly stunning. Another friend purchased this one as a gift and has since ordered another. Myself and another person have been blamed for her picking up this fabric (we enabled her). I am quite happy to take the blame for that because look how pretty!

The following week she brought a huge pile of finished covers. I took a photo of some of my favourites. The rainbow one I particularly love. I also like the changes she made to the one with the birds. She also added a range of smaller notebooks which I also love. My mother purchased one of those as they are perfect for putting in your handbag.

Last but not least is the little labels she has stitched inside. To me this just sets them off. How long are you giving me until I buy another one? If you are in the Paisley area pop by and say hello to Magda. She will be there along with lots of other stalls. You can check out the facebook page for the market for details.

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