Monday, 22 July 2013

Knitting Group Challenge!

A while ago now my knitting group held its annual challenge. The group had been running for five years and this challenge was set up as part of our celebrations. We basically had to make something using a method we had learned whilst at the group. Bonus points if the number five was included in there somewhere. Since I am known for my sock knitting and I learned that at the group it felt that it was only right that I once again submitted socks. This time I did five different pairs each using a technique that was new to me.

The first pair of socks completed was these ones. I can't remember their name but I think they were from one of the Around the World in socks books (I have a couple of those with differing titles but they come down to the same thing. It involved knitting the socks on the straight and then using the Kitchener stitch to bring them together. I quite liked the affect of them. However, having to use the Kitchener stitch along the side of the sock is a lot different from just the toe. Felt like I was never getting to the end. They also knitted up far too small for the average person. So these went to my sister with the tiny feet.

The second pair I knitted I hated with a passion. I just didn't enjoy crocheting socks. I didn't like the affect and I thought it wasted the beautiful sock yarn that I used for it. My sister liked them but they were far too big so I gave them away to charity. The pattern I got off ravelry. My dislike for it had nothing to do with the pattern. I just hated doing it. More challenging knitting them I think.

These socks were by far my favourite. They are mosaic socks and were from "Sock Club". I won't say too much about them as I have knitted more of them and no doubt they will get a post of their own. This particular pair I kept for myself although I have yet to wear them. Too pretty!

I also enjoyed knitting these. These are beaded socks which I tried for the first time. I liked the plain colour with the beading. It knitted up a little narrow but as I had intended them for my mum all along it worked out fine. I can see myself knitting more of them. The pattern is called Beaded Lattice and also came from "Sock Club".

The final pair were a sample pattern from a two at a time sock book that I bought a while ago and this was the perfect excuse to finally get around to trying it. The book starts by showing how the two at a time method with baby socks. I used two different colours to make it easier for myself. It was the most awkward sock I have ever attempted. I doubt I will be doing more from this book.

I didn't win anything but I had fun trying out these patterns and I have begun teaching a few people my favourite of the bunch. If you want to see who did win you can see it on the knitting group blog.

I am a little biased in that the blanket my mum did was my favourite. It had a Cath Kidston feel to it which was one of the reasons why I loved it. She also made a cushion to match. I am determined to sneak it away from her. See if she notices.

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