Monday, 25 July 2011

Little Bit Purple!

Remember this? I gave a sneak peak into something I was working on a while back. It was something that I had been taught to do by Donna at Gartmore using the granny square stitch.

Well it's finished. It's a granny triangle or half granny square shawl. I used cotton in two different shades of purple. It was fun and fairly easy to do (thanks to Donna's lessons). I will probably use it as a scarf come winter.

I also finished this months socks. It's been a very purpley month. I used Zauberball sock yarn in the shade blackberry. I had planned on using a pattern rather than doing a basic sock. However, I had started knitting with it a long time ago, forgot where I was and unravelled it. It got a little bobbly which made it difficult to knit a pattern with. So whilst this is a lovely yarn to knit with I don't recommend it if you think you might have a lot of frogging to do.

I can't take credit for these. Remember the sock classes I gave? One of the girls finished her first pair. I can't take much credit for the lesson either. She had been taught to knit socks the year before. I just started her off again. She pretty much followed the pattern herself. Looks good though.

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