Wednesday, 7 September 2016

August Socks - Birthday sock pattern

So August's socks were actually finished on time. I am all caught up and I have almost finished September socks too. August's socks were a little special. I decided that since it was my birthday to make myself some birthday socks. I make them for other people so why not myself. To make them even more special (or to add to the stress of getting them done on time) I decided to design my own pattern and I did. Pat on the back for me.

As if all that specialness wasn't enough I asked the lovely Lisa to design the yarn. She went with my favourite colours and look at the pretty! She even gifted it to me. I LOVE the colourway. A mixture of blues, teal and greens. Not to mention the sparkle. It's a pity the above photo doesn't do it justice.

I got myself some squared paper to work out the pattern and I even did a little swatch (not pictured). I never swatch.

I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I wanted some mini cables and created a repetitive diamond pattern. I quite like the way the colours in the yarn worked out with it as you can still see both the colours and the pattern.

I knitted them up in a larger size to accommodate the many, many mini cables. I thought they would be a little large and so I planned to make a smaller size and adjust the pattern to suit for my sister. However, they size was fine. I will still knit up a pair for Lorraine. I have a solid yarn planned for it and once I do I might release the pattern.

While the pattern is not available yet you can still get Lisa's scrummy sock yarn over at her etsy page.