Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Yarn Yumminess!

A lovely lady from my knitting group has her own crafting business. She makes crochet hooks and she hand-dyes yarn. The crochet hooks are amazing and I will get my mitts on one of those one day. Her yarn I had to try straight away. Especially when I saw her lemon berry sock yarn. Purple and yellow isn't everyones ideal combination but to me it just somehow works. Plus I knew instantly that my sister would love it. Never mind that sparkle that it has running through it to make it extra special. 

When I got the yarn I was actually in a crafting rut. I had a few projects on the go (some of which had deadlines) but no motivation. I couldn't settle on anything. I knew I should be working on those projects rather than starting a new one but I had no will power. I lasted a week and then I began a pair of socks for my sister. I decided on a plain pattern as I didn't want the natural striping from the yarn to be washed out. Or for it to look like that the two are fighting each other (I have made that mistake before).

I have never been so sad at finishing a project. This was just so lovely to knit with. It felt lovely going through your hands. It's a little hard to describe but most knitters (or crochet people) will know what I mean. It just felt amazing to knit with. I loved the end result too. The white flashes through the colours just set it off.

I dare anyone to go try Lisa's hand-dyed yarn and then tell me they don't love it. I guarantee it won't happen. Her business is called For the Love of Yarn and she can be found on facebook where she does most of her selling. She is in the process of opening her online store. As soon as that happens I will post a link. This is also the same lady who is admin for the crochet group I mentioned in the last post.

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