Sunday, 20 October 2013

National Baking Week!

It's national baking week and I got in there just on time as today is the last day. Okay, the national baking week was really a fluke. I was baking banana bread anyway before those bananas became too ripe even for baking. It's national something all the time and despite updates of these things on twitter and facebook I lose track. I think it was national knitting week too. Although, no knitting got done last week. My crafting time was spent sewing a gift for someone (still working on it).

So ages ago I tried adding walnuts to my banana loaf which I was told was a success. Not having eaten it myself I couldn't say for sure but it was quickly devoured (always a good sign). Since then I have been wanting to try making it with sultanas. Time has not been my friend and this is me just getting round to it. All I did was add half a bag to the original recipe and hoped for the best.

I made not one but two! It's been a productive day. One is going off to my sister who loves my banana bread. The other is staying here. My dad is always upset when he is told to keep his hands off the baking. Therefore it was easier to make two than to listen to the whining or watch the petted lip. So far it has the dad seal of approval but we'll have to see what everyone else thinks.

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