Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Since the start of my student days my sock yarn stash has sadly become depleted. Actually I am currently using the last of it. My mum got me a lovely knitting basket in the style of Cath Kidston for Christmas and it is sadly empty. Until now that is. Have decided to get my stash up and running again. I treated myself to two new yarns and I can't wait to use them. The top one is by Opal. It's a German company so don't ask me the name of  the colour type. I can tell you that it is described as blue- brick red. I already have a pattern in mind for it although no idea who for as yet.

The second is my favourite. It is coming up to Easter and once again my sister and I have decided to make gifts. I am stuck for ideas but know she would be disappointed if there were no socks. This is by another German company called Schoppel Wolle and the yarn is called Zauberball. Again don't ask me what the colourway is. I picked it because it seemed to Eastery and my all black wearing sister does love pink.

I got both from Modern Knitting which is a fantastic website for sock knitters.