Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sewing by Wee Sis

I promised some more photo's of some of the things my sister has been sewing and here they are. The top two are flower broaches that she made me. One was for my Christmas.

This cute little felt pocket was also for my Christmas which had my broach and a few other things inside. I love these designs. Especially the buttons.

This one was for my birthday. Back to her original hand sewn bags. I use this to hold my sock knitting. I love the fabric.

This cute little bag was also for my birthday she had put some make up in it. So that's what I keep it for. Again I love the fabric and I love the little buttons and bows that decorate the border.

I also got more stash this week. They question is do you want me to bore you with a photo of it?

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