Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Odd's 'N' Ends Challenge

So I announced my knitting groups challenge this week. The challenge is to make something with our odds and ends. The above photo is all my leftovers from my sock knitting. I have until August to make it but since I am going to be limited on time I have made a start. I figure if I do a little bit every week I should have something to show for it come August.

It's not the most original idea. In fact I know someone else who has said they are going to do something similar. I contemplated changing it but I really want to use this up for my original idea so I'm sticking to it. I'm sure they will both look different in the end. I'm not going to reveal any more than that for now but I will link you to the knitting group blog post with more details about the challenge. You can find it here.

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