Thursday, 10 June 2010

Two Finishes In One Day!

Yep, I actually have two finishes today. Believe it or not I have been doing other things like Birthday present shopping. I finished the last sock of the entire set today. I am pleased with the way these socks have turned out. They are knitted using Rowan DK cotton which I think will make them more hard wearing. Plus, it's machine washable which is always a good thing when it comes to babies clothes. A few people have suggested that I make these for sale. I am thinking of making up little sets for craft fairs. I have a few projects I will need to get out the way first but it means I can look out little girl colours too.

This little bear is my second finish. In case you don't know there is a charity called Teddies for Tragedies and it basically sends off teddy bears made by others to kids who need them. They have a specific pattern for you to follow so that all the bears look the same (using any colour is fine so long as it's bright). It means every child gets the same kind of bear. The pattern itself is very easy to follow and very easy to knit. The result is a very cute bear. A friend of mine is collecting them for her church. The Boys Brigade there are going to Uganda to build a secondary school and are hoping to take 300 bears for the children's hospital. She asked if others in the knitting group would mind helping out.
I have plenty of leftover DK yarn from other projects and so it was easy to pick out colours for it. It really doesn't take up much. The pale blue was for a baby set I had planned to knit a few years ago and never did. I think it makes him look like he is wearing jeans. The red and skin tone was leftover from Jedward. The only downside is the sewing in loose ends and stitching the bear. I hate that part of all projects. In the end it was worth it, especially if a child loves him.

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