Monday, 14 June 2010

Something For Me!

Many moons ago I promised to show something else I had learned during the weekend away. One of the girls taught us to crochet granny squares. I have always wanted to learn how to do it. I love the look of them. At one point I would constantly google images of granny squares I was so obsessed (and came across a room covered in them). So when one of the girls said she was willing to give a class on how to do them I jumped at the chance. All those hours of trying on my own have resulted in a lot of tangles yarn and frustration. One quick lesson and I was off. I first of all did a few squares for charity as a practise run. The next step though was to do a blanket. This time it would be for myself (I actually rarely make things for myself these days).

However, I didn't want to do lots of little granny squares. I wanted to do one big one. The images I loved the most were of blankets done this way. I loved the way people played with the colours. Even the ones where colour was random as their makers just used up scrap yarn. I had picked out my colours though. I decided on purple and green as I have always loved those colours together. I also picked out white to break it up a bit. I made a start on it during the weekend and have been working on it in between other projects every since. This weeks goal was to finish it off which I did today. I think if I was to do another for myself I would maybe make it slightly bigger. Over all I am happy with the result and think it's not bad for my first granny square blanket.

My sister spotted me working on it though and asked if I would mind making her one. I took her to the store so that she could pick out her colours (all pinks funnily enough). I made a start on it today although it will be a while before it's finished as I will be working on other things that have deadlines too.

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