Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Coundown Week 8 - Christmas Gift Tags

Even though I had this post planned out on Thursday and the majority of the work done I am still late. Blame a surprise visit from my sister before my fourth nightshift. It was actually good that my sister visited as she could then get her winter woollies (more on that next week). Blame blogger for making it even later as it didn't save any of my work.

So this week I decided to pick something small. Something that won't take up too much time. Most people will be getting ready to wrap their Christmas presents (unless you are super organised). I love a personalised gift tag and I thought that would be perfect for this week. It makes your parcels stand out. I have even managed it one year. Both friends and family got these cross stitched gift tags and I loved them. Always meant to do it again.

This first tag involves something I love. Buttons! I have seen tags with button baubles and snow men. I picked this one for the countdown as it also included some felt leaves. A simple but effective thing to do. This one is by One Dog Woof and she talks you through it briefly. It's easy to do though, you really don't need much more instruction than that. She also gives some examples of other tags she has made and maybe you can get inspiration from those too.

Her blog is definitely worth a visit as she has tutorials, crochet and recipes. Lots to see there. 

Any decoration that involves mini Christmas baubles I love. This one is by Sally J Shim. The tutorial is very simple but the tag itself is also very simple. All you really need is some mini baubles and stickers. You can match up the colours to your wrapping paper or pick out the recipients favourite colour.

Sally J Shim is primarily a designer. However, her blog is filled with great tutorials. She has even published her own book.

A few years ago I went through a phase of using felt for everything. I even made felt Christmas decorations. So I will always have a soft spot for it and I would probably use it again. I think that's why I love this felt Gingerbread man by A Homemade Living. The tutorial is short and sweet and involves using a cookie cutter as your template. With that in mind you could use all sorts of Christmas shapes and create very pretty decorations for your gifts. Plus, at the end you are giving someone a tree decoration too. Two in one.

Perler beads and crafting have been all the rage for the last few years. Although, I think that has died down a little now. I have to be honest and say that I was never a huge fan of it. At least, I was never enticed enough to want to try it. Until now that is. Craft and Creativity has created a tutorial for these fab gift decorations. I think they look quite effective. Especially the Christmas baubles. Sadly the blogger hasn't posted in a few years but I think she has other tutorials on there worth checking out.

Paper cutting is another favourite craft that has been going around the last few years. I have to admit that I have admired anyone who can do this. I think I might be a little too clumsy for it. However, these tags look lovely. The tutorial is by Lia Griffith is a little basic but there is a PDF with the pattern. I'm sure most people would manage it. Lia Griffith is also primarily a designer but she has a great blog that I think would interest most crafters.

Well, thanks to me managing to save all these links to my pages rewriting this didn't take too long. I hope it was worth the wait for everyone. Next week will be my last Christmas countdown and that one will involve edibles!

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