Friday, 10 July 2015

Paper Planting!

 Last week I was having a rare night in to myself. I got the wine opened and I brought out about three months of magazines that hadn't been touched. All craft magazines. It was a happy night and I logged a few projects that I plan on doing. I especially love it when I come across something I have never heard of never mind never done before. That's what happened when I read this months Mollie Makes.

In it's pages was an advert for papers shaped like custard creams. Those papers contain wildflower seeds. All you have to do is plant them. Since I have been looking after my mum's garden I decided to order some. I think my mum would have been curious about this too. I got them from a website called What You Sow. Meanwhile I did my nosey on Not On The High Street (I love that page) and it turns out planting paper containing seeds isn't a new thing. They had quite a few sellers who stocked them.

 July is a little late to be planting but I decided to do it anyway. The marigolds needed pulling up and so I had space for them in the treasure chest. I put two in there then soaked them with water as instructed. Once soaked I then covered them with a thin layer of soil.

I did the same with the space where the fern and tree had been. I had said that I would leave the area to rest but the wildflowers don't last long and I didn't think it would do any harm.

We are supposed to see results in two or three days so watch this space and I will keep you updated.

On another note I have decided to start a page with some of the online places I have shopped in. I will always link those pages on the blog post they are featured but I think a page is a good way of keeping them together. Saves myself and others searching.

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