Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Great British Bake Off Everyday by Linda Collister - Book Review

Two book reviews in one week. I know, I'm spoiling you. My book reviews are like buses. With my bakery books (of which they are all Bake Off related) I like to have at least made a few things from it before I review it. This book was released during last years British Bake off. It's more complex than the first one and the bakes are more intricate. There are a few simpler ones in there but if I am honest it's the big ones that caught my eye.

The whipped chocolate layer cake that I made a few weeks ago came from this book.  While they may be more complex the instructions are still simple and easy to follow. Any terms you don't understand are explained in there. The book is split into sections such as cakes, bread and so it should be fairly easy to find what you are looking for.

Failing that the index is rather good. Everything chocolate is listed under chocolate. Or if you are looking for a good butter cream you will also find a section for that with different flavours. If you go to the vanilla butter cream it will even tell you what to substitute to make it chocolate.

Yep, it even has these little sections within it to show how to make little things such as the butter cream, royal icing or this orange curd which I made last week. I like that aspect of it because you can then bring together different recipes as I did this week (which I will show you in another post soon).

I should also point out that at the end of each section there are some weekend bakes. These aren't quick bakes as the title would suggest. Instead these are sections where some of the recipes Paul, Mary and last years bakers are shown. So you will recognise some of the images if you watched it last year.

My only criticism is that not all of the recipes come with images. Most of them do but I like an image so that I can compare my bake to see if it looks right. Especially since decorating is not one of my strengths. Other than that I have a fair few recipes earmarked to try.. 

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