Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pins I Love - Crafts for the Bedroom.

It has been some time since I have done a pins I love post. Maybe because I have so many other things to actually show you. It's amazing what some time off does. I have started a few projects especially for my next flat and so thought it was about time that I posted this one which I had planned ages ago. I should point out that the title does give the impression that this may be an R rated post. Sorry to disappoint.

Just a reminder that if you want to find the project just click on the photograph. The first is hoop embroidery or hoop art. I prefer the embroidered versions but if you can't stitch you can still create something to hang on the wall. The above image links to a tutorial  by Maggie Holmes Designs and she plots out how to make some hoop decorations just by using fabric. You could match this fabric to your bedding or to a pattern you have somewhere in you room. Or even just match it into your colour scheme. If you have some hoop embroidery you could mix it with some simple fabrics.

 Or, if you like your wall decorations to be functional. Why not turn it into a wall clock. I quite like this. I actually plan to make a clock myself. However, it won't be going in my bedroom. Far too noisy for me. This was from a website called A lot of craft stores sell the clockwork parts.

 What's a bedroom without a few cushions or pillows? I have made a few myself. Both in crochet and in cross stitch. However, I would love to make a quilted cushion. I love this one and it even comes with a tutorial which looks fairly simple and easy to follow. This is from a fab blog page called Crazy mom quilts. Worth checking out if you like all sorts of crafts. What I like about this simple design is that the use of different fabrics and colours could change the look of the cushion. I would love to see different takes on it.

 I love candles and I do have then in my room. Don't worry I always remember to put them out before I sleep. I find them so relaxing and like to have one lit when I read. I also light them when I'm doing some tidying. I like to have a fresh lemon candle lit at those times (again keeping the candle away from where I'm tidying as I am clumsy). I also like a pretty candle holder. A friend of mine makes candles in vintage style teacups and I found a website that shows you how to make your own. How lovely would this look in your bedroom? Or even as a gift for a girly friend.

I left my favourite for last. As most of you will know I love a blanket. I have made a few in my time, mostly for other people. I am a blanketoholic. It's unusual to find a tutorial for a blanket. Especially one as intricate as this. Yet, it does exist. This is from a blog called Italian Dish Knits which seems to have a lot of lovely yarn projects. What I love about this one is how delicate it looks. However, you could change the colours to create a bolder blanket if that suits your taste. Like the cushion I would love to see how different people interpret it.

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