Thursday, 10 July 2014

Guest Blogger - Norma from Wee Crafty House!

Introducing my lovely friend Norma who agreed to do a guest blog for me because of my lack of crafting progress. Plus she is one very talented lady (she made the tea cup candles).

Well hello, my name is Norma Anderson and I've been kindly asked by my lovely friend Karen to do a guest blog. Now please bear with me because this is my first ever attempt at blogging! Eeeek! I hope I don't chase you all away. Anyway I'm a nurse, mother, wife, sister, fidget, a do'er, impatient, enthusiastic and a crazy crafter. I see a craft and want to try it.

   I've always crafted from a little girl I enjoyed making things and I've never lost this passion. It really got a grip of me when I had my children and worked part time. I knitted for the kids and myself. My friends and I had a knitting Bee that met once a week. We knitted, ate cake and drank wine! Hmmm maybe not the best combination but provided a bit of light hearted me time for a bunch of mothers.

Card making took a hold of me around 10 years ago. In fact there's not much I haven't tried! I still make the odd card but have moved onto other things now. For anyone who makes cards you will understand that those little squares of paper from the sticky pads drove you mad by getting everywhere. Even turning up in Greece one year from my case. Lol. Over the years I have turned my hands to many things. I have baked but this hobby is very stressful unless you are baking for just family and friends.

Since joining the fabulously talented ladies at Glasgow Fort Stitch n Bitch my creativity has increased ten fold. These bunch of women are so talented and there's always someone willing to share new ideas and even teach new skills that your appetite for trying new things is always heightened. Indeed it was there I learned to crochet around a year ago. Since then I have crocheted many things and I think I actually prefer to crochet than knit now. It's so much quicker and results are instant. Also if you are going out or travelling you can just take it along with you!

Last year I was unfortunate enough to turn 50! My husband wanted to get me a gift that I would truly appreciate and use so he built me a summerhouse in the garden. The Wee Crafty House was born! This is now my little haven and of course a place for my crafty stash!  Most of my crafts are now done in here and it's the place where I am most industrious. I am so lucky to have this special little space.

I have began dabbling in craft fairs. What I realise about these is that some you win, some you lose. It can be difficult depending on where you are and what the shoppers are looking for that day. However I do enjoy them. I love to meet people and chat and it's fabulous to go out there and see what other people are crafting too. I hope you have enjoyed a wee insight into my world.


  1. Wonderful post Norma! Looking forward to your next one. Izzi

  2. What a lovely novice post, you've obviously got lots to share as you are such a talented lady. I do hope you consider taking up blogging tho' I'm fairly certain you will need an extra day in your week with all you achieve! I love the wee crafty house and am so envious as it looks just perfect.