Monday, 26 August 2013

My Baking Fail!

Last week I had my first baking fail. That's what I get for being proud of my previous successes. They do say pride comes before a fall. These cookies may look yummy but looks can be deceiving.

My friend, Helen, had mentioned a recipe for white chocolate and raspberry cookies. The reason it was brought up was that we were talking about making fudge using carnation condensed milk. This particular recipe used condensed milk. A few weeks later as a joke she presented me with a tube of the milk which had the recipe printed on the other side.

The recipe is fairly straight forward. Not that many ingredients and the instructions were simple and basic. Not much really can go wrong. My friend did recommend that I used frozen raspberries rather than fresh which I did.

The end result though was far too sweet even for my sweet tooth. The raspberries also turned the centre of the cookies to a soggy mush. The next day I had to through almost the whole batch out. It's unlikely that I will make them again but if I did I think I would either go without the raspberries or use dried.

Having said all that my mum and myself were the only ones who didn't like them. My sister, dad and friend's partner all enjoyed them. My sister has asked for the recipe. My dad even thought that the soggy mush in the middle was raspberry jam. So not a complete fail then!

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