Monday, 13 January 2014

Pins I love

As promised some Pins I love. I was going to have this all planned out with possibly a theme. Definitely everything was going to be linked to tutorials. However, my essays (did you know I had essays) decided enough was enough and they needed my attention. They are all in now and I can do this without that niggling guilty feeling. All that means is that this post isn't planned out in the slightest. I have no idea what I am going to put here as yet. Fun, huh? I will be a good girl though and tell you that none of these images are mine and if you click on each of them it will take you direct to the source.

First up its Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I spotted this today on my pinterest feed. I LOVED Pinky and the Brain and I love this cross stitch. The link takes you to craftster (which I used to stalk regularly but have fallen away from it). It's not linked to a pattern, sorry, but I think the person who made this adapted it from something else.

Yesterday I created a new pinterest board to feed my love of camper vans. I don't know where this love of camper vans has come from since I get travel sick. I just love their retro look. I only became aware that I loved them when I stitched those cushions last year. This cushion was done in applique. Again, there is no pattern. This beautiful cushion is a product of lynseyhunter via etsy (click on the picture).

I have a bit of a crochet obsession going on just now. I was going to post something with the solid granny which I am loving just now. The image I was thinking off just links to a collection of images on tumblr. I would rather link to the person who created it. So instead here is a rose blanket. There is a pattern which you can buy from Sweetcrocheterie on etsy. It's in dollars so I am assuming that it will be in American crochet terminology. Easy to translate though if you do a wee google search. This is stunning. I love the colours. I think though I would like it as a cushion rather than a blanket. I think it's a bit of a yarn eater too. Worth it though. If you click on the makers name it will take you to her etsy page. I can't get the photo to link.

Got the picture linking in this one! I am a sucker for a paper craft. I don't do it that often. The most I do is decorate my academic diary with washi tape or mess about with my craft filofax. This was posted on a blog that all Swiss. I don't know what it says but pinterest says that it gives ideas for decorating wrapped gifts. This one makes use of bunting made from washi tape. I would love to decorate my own gift wrap but I am never going to have the time for it. Instead I might use this idea to decorate my filofax. Or possibly a letter to my sister.

Last one is from another relatively new board I created. I love soup and I've started collecting recipes. I haven't attempted any yet a soup is the speciality of others in the family. This chicken noodle soup looks so yummy though. It comes from a blog called Feasting at Home and it includes the recipe.

This is just a small sample of what I have been oohing and aahing over. I am never off it so there will be plenty to choose from for next week. Maybe it will be more organised, who knows.

Would love to hear if you have any favourite pins or if you have fallen in love with something and created a board around it.

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