Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Am Teaching!

I volunteered to teach socks again. Not sure who I can blame for this. There are a few people from my knitting group who mentioned they were interested. Last time this happened I sent round a sheet and three people sat in on the lesson. I thought this time would be similar. Never mind the fact that our little group has almost doubled in size since then (the mailing list I send out has 50 emails on it, although not all make it along). So obviously I was wrong. I have 10 people on my sign up sheet.

This has just given me the excuse I needed to gather together all the wee bits and bobs I've learned over the last few years knitting socks. Previously I handed out the basic pattern I learned from myself and then knitted alongside the others and explained the steps. This time I decided to re-write the pattern with explanations.


I started by knitting one sock over the Christmas period and taking photo's at each progression point. All the areas that I remembered caused me difficulty. I haven't had the chance to proof read it because I am also working on essays (which I should probably be doing now). I imagine there will be some typos in there but since I will be there with them we can work around it. I'll take notes of changes and adapt it as there are a few others who have expressed interest but don't live in Glasgow. Fingers crossed it will work and the lovely ladies relying on my will have a pair of socks by the end of it all.

The sock lessons will take place over a period of weeks. We only have so much time at the knitting group and I'm aware that everyone will be working at a different pace. Sadly that will also mean homework. I am a hard task master. I will be knitting my second sock alongside the others. Sometimes it's easier to have something on hand to demonstrate. I've even included an alternative toe as my mum is joining in. She has knitted socks in the past and would like to learn a different technique.

Look out for how I get on (those poor people).


  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog and you are most welcome to pinch the idea as I've pinched it from seeing others make these. I've been looking back and thanks for telling me the Lorrainedeer story which is lovely.

    I'm impressed with anyone who can make socks or use more than two needles at the one time and uber impressed with the fact you can teach this to others as well. I'll look forward to hearing how your classes go.

    1. It's about time I stopped by, lol. I really like your blog.

      The four needles takes getting used to. It's the hardest part about knitting a sock. Once you get past the cuff though there is no stopping you. At the moment my learners are unbelieving of that. ;) I'll update on how they get on after next weeks class. For now they have homework - I have been told I am evil :D