Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Knitting Class 1 & 2!

Last night was the second lesson for my sock class. It saw the first pair of socks completed. I am so excited and they look fab. The lady who finished these is now half way through her second pair. I wonder if I have created another sock monster! I can't take all of the credit. She had been given a basic sock pattern by Helen and she had managed up to the heel by the time the first class started. With my notes she managed the heel on her own. Last night she just needed me to show her how to graft the toe as it is easier to see someone do it than follow the instructions. I am actually thinking of making a small youtube video with that in mind. Looking at these socks though you would never think this was her first time knitting them.

Week one went off to a good start. I know the ladies might say otherwise but I thought they did well. The hardest part is getting used to the tiny needles and working with so many of them. I don't think any of them believed me that after a few rows it would get easier and not to be put off by the start.

You can see my mum here going great guns. To be fair to the other ladies she has knitted sock before. This is really just a refresher course and I promised to teach her an alternative toe.

Last night I had three more ladies joining in. By this point I knew people would be at different stages. We all work at different paces and I wasn't going to stop people from working beyond the stage I asked them to. I want people to be enthusiastic and so I was expecting this. The three ladies sat together so that it would be easier for me to talk them through each stage. To be honest they didn't need much. After that initial row they were off and actually got into it. I was even told that they might not need the Valium they thought they would after all.

This lady is using metal needles because the bamboo needles irritate her hands. I thought this would make it slightly harder for her. The metal tends to be heavier plus metal needles are a lot longer. This can weigh down the knitting which causes problems at the start of the sock. She managed no problem with them though. I absolutely love the way this sock is knitting up.

This lovely lady was adamant last week that she was packing it all in. She had to walk away from it a few times. Determined to do her homework though she kept going. She is quite chuffed that she has managed it so far although isn't happy with the way it looks. For a first sock I think it looks amazing.

Lastly my mum turned the heel last night. This is my friends hand-dyed yarn that I rave and rave about. This is the one I got my mum for her Christmas. Love the way the pattern is turning out. So pretty!

I'm looking forward to next week to see how everyone gets on. I have notes to write up for a short row heel for another lady and I am considering the Youtube videos for the people online who have asked me for my notes. Just as well I have a few weeks off before I am back to uni.

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