Wednesday, 19 October 2016

October Stash

I have been oh so bad this month. It started with realising it was October and I hadn't started my October socks. I realised that with all the studying I had to catch up on there was probably no chance that I was going to manage a pattern in there. I saw Halloween inspired colourways on Mothy and the Squids Etsy page and I thought that would be perfect. So I picked out the one labelled Frankenstein. While there I also picked out a purple and green colourway. I couldn't help myself.

Along with each skein of yarn ordered I got these cute little stitch markers to add to my collection. I especially love the little skeleton. One day I should do a post just on my collection.

I also received a mini skein of this lovely green which fits in perfectly with my chosen colours.

If the lovely Jillian behind Mothy and the Squid wasn't generous enough she also sent me this beautiful set of mini skeins. The colours are lovely and I have plans for them already. Thank you so much Jillian.

I also ordered some yarn from Sara's Texture Crafts. I had something in mind when I bought this yarn. However, it won't quite fit for that particular project. This is in no way Sara's fault as she was very clear in her description. In all honesty I had a feeling the yarn wouldn't work but I ordered it anyway because I'm greedy. Not to worry, I LOVE the colours (unsurprisingly) and they will make me a yummy pair of socks.

As well as my monthly mini skeins from For the Love of Yarn (which I only realised I haven't photographed and now the light is too poor) I picked out a couple of Lisa's new colourways. One of these will become the project that I have in mind. I haven't decided which yet. The other will be used for......socks.

I also picked up some fabric from Lovely Jubbly fabrics.  I saw an advert for them and noticed that they had some orange fabrics which I took advantage of. My orange fabric collection is growing and I will hopefully have enough soon to start my first quilt. I also picked up some teal while I was there.

 I spotted this skull fabric while I was searching for orange and I couldn't resist. The green would suit my sisters flat perfectly and she loves skulls.  I was thinking of using it to make one large cushion that she could use on her rocking chair. All I need to do is get some nice backing fabric and get my sewing machine from my dad's. This was my first time shopping from Lovely Jubbly fabrics and have added their website to my craft shopping page. I was quite happy with the service and the fabrics matched the images.

Lastly, I have started a new way of organising (new to me - more on that later). That called for more washi tape to add to my collection and I couldn't resist these holiday themed tapes from Unwrap Colour. Love myself some washi tape.

This month was pretty bad even for me. I have even ordered a few other things which I will mention in a later post. After that I will be good. At least until after Christmas when I have more projects planned. Anyone else been topping up their yarn stash?

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