Friday, 21 October 2016

GBBO - Week 9

Patisserie week is another firm favourite of mine and it was left to right at the end. However, patisserie weeks of the past have always involved slightly more delicate bakes. Not to say that it wasn't challenging though.

The first challenge involved the bakers making palmiers. I had never heard of them before but it involved making layered pastry with a specific shape. To add to the challenge the bakers had to add their own fillings while ensuring that the layered pastry was seen. The one person who managed it successfully was Andrew. This was a bit of a surprise as Andrew decided to start again with his pastry an hour in.

The technical challenge was another bake I had never heard of. A syrup soaked cake called Savarin. Looks yum and I like the fact that the syrup has an orange base. Glad I'm not doing the technical challenges anymore as I don't fancy buying a mold just for one dish. None of the bakers quite got the proving right but Jane came out on top for this one with Andrew coming a close second. If you want to have a go yourself the recipe is here on the BBC Bake Off website. Let me know how you get on.

The show stopper is a firm favourite of mine (my sister is also a fan and I think I will have to bake these at some point). The bakers had to make fondants (French Fancies in the Mr Kipling world). I loved how each of the contestants took their own take on them and tried out different flavours. Andrew, however, once again came first on this as he had the neatest with good flavours. I loved his simple choice of decoration too.

By the end there was little doubt that Andrew was going to be star baker. He had come first in two of the challenges and second in the technical. It was very well deserved.

Sadly but the end there was also little doubt that Salasi was also going to be leaving. His palmiers were under baked (almost raw), he had come last in the technical and his flavours failed him in the show stopper. It was the first time we saw Salasi worried and I was a little sad as I always enjoyed watching him.

We did see one of the funnier Salasi moments this week. Since Salasi hasn't quite made it to the final he can always stand in for Mel & Sue.

I'm looking forward to the final as it will be the last one I'll be watching. I am working but plan to record it and watch once I am home (maybe with some cake). At this point I think it's anybodies guess as to who will win. Jane has always been a favourite of mine but I kind of would like Andrew to win. It's been a while since we've had a boy winner.

As always these images are not mine but belong to the Bake Off website.

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