Friday, 5 June 2015

Hints of Colour

A friend sent me a text on Friday to say that this was perfect weather to go into my mum's garden. Sadly she was across the city and it may have been perfect weather there but not so good where I was. Later it did improve and so I went out and fed the plants. I thought I should take some photo's while I was there. I'm afraid I'm just not as good as my mum. This time last year (and every preceding year) the garden was full of colour. Just now it is mainly green with hints of colour.

I was pleased to see that one more blossom bloomed on the magnolia. Usually they all bloom at the same time. They bloom doesn't last long and the petals fall and you have to wait until next spring to see them again.

Mum's lavender is also doing well (going by my mum's notes, this is lavender). It's at the front of the house and has overtaken a little. I was instructed to prune it a little. Since it has started to bloom though I haven't had the heart to do that.

I think this is a Lily and may not be long in blooming. I can't wait to see what it will look like. Fingers crossed for bright colours people.

Another plant that has overtaken the front. It isn't faring as well. It doesn't look as healthy in places but still has some pretty flowers.

Last week my dad had asked me what the plant next to the door was. I said it was a bush. Apparently that wasn't very informative but it's the only information I have. I did spy this purple flower hiding away amongst it. Fingers crossed there will be more of this.

Mum's Hostas are also doing well. I may not be their biggest fan but mum loved them. There are three of these in the back garden. They don't take much care either, other than some water.

Another plant out the back and yet more purple. I don't know what it is but the little flowers are pretty. Sadly only one side of it is doing well. I wonder if I was to prune it back it would do better next year. My dad hates this plant.

The heather is also doing well. It always does and the bees love it (yes, a plant I actually know the name of). I was a little worried about this one a few months back as I didn't think it looked particularly healthy. It seems to be loving all this rain we have been having.

I have a few plants starting to grow. Nothing exciting to show yet but maybe the garden will be colourful yet. I think the hanging baskets will look good as they already look full. I'll keep everyone posted.

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