Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Shout Out to Knitting Group Ladies

 While there is very little of my own work for me to show off just now. I can show you the work of others. As my talented knitting group broke up just before Christmas for the holidays they presented me with a fabulous graduation gift (my graduation ceremony was the week before). It was completely unexpected and I felt a little bit emotional as a result. Not helped by the week of nightshifts of course (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Among the gifts was this beautiful notebook cover that the group had comissioned my talented friend Magdalena to do. Magdalena is the lady behind Stitching A Rainbow, I have shown off her notebooks before. Not only did she find fabric with my beloved camper vans but it's also in my favourite colour.

My favourite part is the stitched label to the back. This is definitely something I will treasure forever. I have yet to put the notebook to use. Stupidly, I feel I should savour it. Even though I know I can replace the notebook when completed.

I also love the inside. This cover is extra special as it contains patterned fabric there too. Love the camper vans against the black background!

There was also a beautiful handmade card. Lyn, another lady from the group did this for me. It's beautifully detailed and another keep sake.

Thank you lovely ladies. I was genuinely touched and I appreciate the time and effort that went into these lovely gifts. Especially the secrecy since some of the planning went on while I was there.

If anyone would like to see the talents of everyone in the group we have our own blog.

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