Monday, 5 September 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Another long break away but I can promise I haven't been idle. I have been working on a baby shower gift. I also made the decision to stop my socks a month challenge. I decided to go back to University to do a second degree and I am sure I won't be able to keep it up. I am also giving up the knitting for my folksy store. It's looking a little empty just now. If anyone wants to commission me I am happy to do it but I just won't be knitting for the store. With that decision made I am in two minds whether or not to keep this blog up. For now I will but I have a feeling there will be fewer and fewer posts during term time. Having said that I have a few crafts up my sleeve that I hope to get to work on soon.

A friend of mine from my knitting group is expecting her first baby. As we always like to do we threw her a baby shower and we all did some knitting or sewing for her. I fell in love with these trainer style baby bootees that I knitted in the past so I had to make them again. Unfortunately I was a little behind so she got these ones a week late.

I did manage to finish something though. The soon to be mum LOVES stripes and I thought the socks I knit would be ideal. I knitted up a few sets in cotton (surprise). I found a simple hat pattern on ravelry (love that place) and I knitted up a couple to match.


  1. Karen, keep this blog up please!
    Love this "trainers" :D
    I'm sure that Aileen was delighted when she received this gorgeous set :))