Monday, 8 May 2017

One pair of socks

 You would think that with all that time away I would have at least something to show for it. Alas no. All my WIPs remain WIPs with very little added to them. Oh and one more to the pile. A few weeks ago I decided to brush the dust off my sock needles. I've been itching to knit some socks but couldn't justify it. I should really finish something. Well, that will power disappeared after I received my fibreshare parcel and I knitted up these socks for my sister. Just the basic sock pattern as I wanted to knit them quickly and to show off the yarn.

I'm afraid that the yarn didn't come with a label so I have no idea who it's by. I just know it's pretty and nice to knit with. I liked the colours too. Was nice to knit with something pretty and pink. There were a lot of goodies in that fibreshare box which I am dying to show you. Plan for that on Friday. It was supposed to be today but I was so pleased I had actually finished something.

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