Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knitting Class

Last night I had a knitting class only this time it was me taking it. A friend asked me to show her how to knit baby socks and another friend joined in after I let her know I would be doing this. I have taught knitting before but one friend I was teaching from scratch and it was a simple scarf. The other was a beginner knitter and I really only helped her out (again with scarves) when she needed it. So I was a little nervous. Especially since both friends are already knitters. I am a firm believer that if someone can't learn it is the fault of the teaching method rather than the individual. I just hoped I was able to explain things clearly.

I think I managed it. They didn't seem confused which I see as a good sign. Also by the end of the night they had finished to toe of the sock and knitted the first round of the foot.

I was really impressed with the results. You do not want to see the toes of the first set of socks I knitted. Theirs are so neat. The top image belongs to my friend Donna who learned to knit cuff down socks from a friend. She completed her second pair of those last night. The second pair belongs to Dawn who only learned to knit on the round two weeks ago and has never knitted socks before.

Next week I move on to part two which will involve knitting the heel. As it's the same as the toe I am sure I can it talk through how to do it. Hopefully I will have two little socks to show knitted by my two friends.


  1. Yeah us!!!! Although I must say my effort looks a bit baggy saggy but it will all come together I'm sure. You were a great teacher, clear and concise instruction. I love the whole 'wrapping stitches' experience, it sounds so cosy. I will attempt my 9 rounds today and hopefully no disasters will strike. Fingers crossed ;) xx

  2. Awww, thank you. I think you should be proud of your first effort since it's your first go at socks full stop. Keep in mind that your yarn was DK and your needle size was bigger too. It just means your sock will be slightly bigger than Donna's. Nothing wrong with that at all. I use DK cotton for baby socks too. I am sure you will be fine with your rounds but if anything goes wrong it can easily be fixed. x